How to make a homemade Tandoor Oven

Homemade Tandoor Oven - Copyright

Fritz Bogott over at came up with a great way of building a homemade Tandoor oven. Lately I have been researching on how to construct one of my own and while I may not make mine exactly like his, it has inspired a few modifications to my plans. None the less, a great instruction based way of making one fairly cheap.

Fritz Bogott’s Instructable on making a homemade Tandoor Oven


3 thoughts on “How to make a homemade Tandoor Oven”

  1. A couple of questions on your Tandoor. What is taking up the space in the bottom of the drum under the clay liner? Also regarding the air intake, how is the air getting to the fire? I see the air intake that would come in right about at the height of the fire brick level. If your clay pot sits on top of the fire brick and it is fire clayed or fire cemented to the bricks, how is the intake are getting to the fire? Does the intake butt up to the clay liner? How do you keep your insulation material (vermiculate I’m guessing in your case) from running out of the intake vent?


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